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What do the NPK and TE on the Fertilizer Bag Mean?

Apr. 16, 2021
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As a Fertilizer Suppliers, share with you. Chemical fertilizer is the "food" of grain, which can provide a variety of nutrients necessary for the growth and development of crops. For the promotion of crop production.

Full Form of NPK Fertilizer

Full Form of NPK Fertilizer

Ensuring food security is of great significance. Nowadays, the chemical fertilizer industry is developing rapidly, with a wide variety of formula fertilizers, slow-release fertilizers, urea, organic-inorganic compound fertilizers, and so on.

Maybe many of my friends don’t know much about the letters on the fertilizer bags. Today, let’s understand the specific meaning of the letters!

1. NPK

The compound fertilizers we encounter will be labeled with NPK. N represents nitrogen. Nitrogen is the main component of protein. It plays an important role in the growth of stems and leaves and the development of fruits. It is the nutrient element most closely related to yield; P represents phosphorus. Expressed by P2O5, phosphate fertilizer can promote the differentiation of tomato flower buds, early flowering and fruiting, promote the growth of seedling roots and improve fruit quality; K represents potassium, and K2O represents that potassium can promote plant stalk robustness, improve fruit quality, and enhance plant cold resistance. Increase the sugar and vitamin C content of the fruit.

The ratio is expressed in terms of percentage content, such as 15-15-15, which means that the nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium nutrients contained in it account for 15% of the total.

2. TE

TE means that the fertilizer contains trace elements.

Manufacturers generally state the content and form of trace elements in fertilizers in their technical manuals. The added trace elements are mainly boron, iron, zinc, copper, and molybdenum, among which chelated trace elements are the best.

For example, balanced water-soluble fertilizer: 20-20-20+TE. It means that the total nitrogen content in this water-soluble fertilizer is 20%, the content of phosphorus pentoxide is 20%, the content of potassium oxide is 20%, and it also contains trace elements.

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