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What are the Precautions For Using Compound Fertilizers For Growing Flowers?

May. 31, 2021

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For growing flowers, fertilization and watering are two important procedures. Compound fertilizer is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and many trace elements, and most flowers can be used. But the compound fertilizer brand Stanley reminds everyone to pay attention to the method of using compound fertilizer to grow flowers, otherwise it will be counterproductive. Next, the editor of Stanley will expose some tips for growing flowers to help flower lovers avoid losses caused by wrong fertilization.

Seaweed Organic Granular

Seaweed Organic Granular

Use relevant compound fertilizers in a targeted manner

Generally speaking, the three main elements that plants need are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Therefore, it is possible to use nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium compound fertilizer for flowers in the home. However, different compound fertilizers have different element ratios, such as high-nitrogen compound fertilizers, high-phosphorus compound fertilizers, etc., and the applicable flower varieties are also different, so you must be targeted when using them. For foliage plants such as green radish, fortune tree, and happy tree, the most important thing to promote the growth of leaves is to supplement nitrogen, so you can choose high-nitrogen compound fertilizer with relatively high nitrogen content to use. For longevity flowers, gardenias, jasmine and other flowering plants, it is necessary to apply phosphorus and potassium fertilizers to promote flowering during the flowering period. It is recommended to use a ternary compound fertilizer with a relatively high phosphorus and potassium content.

The compound fertilizer should be buried shallowly in the flowerpot

Shallowly bury the compound fertilizer in the flower pot, so that when watering, the fertilizer can provide growth elements for the flowers in the growth period after the fertilizer is dissolved, but be careful not to spread too much during the shallow burying, otherwise it will easily make the fertilizer effect. Too much release causes the phenomenon of burning seedlings. When using compound fertilizer during the seedling period of flowers, you must pay attention to the thin fertilizer and apply it frequently, and when using it, it must be close to the wall of the flower pot and away from the roots of the plants, so that the fertilizer after melting will not burn the roots.

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