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  • Dr Aid NPK 15 15 15 Fashion Magnesium water soluble fertilizer fertilizer npk potassium chloride fertilizer for coffee

  • Dr Aid NPK 15 15 15 Fashion Magnesium water soluble fertilizer fertilizer npk potassium chloride fertilizer for coffee

  • Dr Aid NPK 15 15 15 Fashion Magnesium water soluble fertilizer fertilizer npk potassium chloride fertilizer for coffee

  • Dr Aid NPK 15 15 15 Fashion Magnesium water soluble fertilizer fertilizer npk potassium chloride fertilizer for coffee

  • Dr Aid NPK 15 15 15 Fashion Magnesium water soluble fertilizer fertilizer npk potassium chloride fertilizer for coffee

Dr Aid NPK 15 15 15 Fashion Magnesium water soluble fertilizer fertilizer npk potassium chloride fertilizer for coffee

Application: Vegetables, fruits, fruit trees, tobacco and tea trees
  • Product Description

What is 15-15-15 fertilizer?

All fertilizers consist of three numbers with hyphens. This describes the ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, also known as the NPK ratio. 15-15-15 fertilizer refers to fertilizers with equal content of each element. The easiest way to think of fertilizer is: chemical fertilizer is plant food.

Compound Fertilizer Brand:Dr.Aid

CAS No: Nutrition:45%

NPK Ratio:15-15-15


Application:Vegetables, fruits, fruit trees, tea trees, lawn

15-15-15 Fertilizer advantages

Formula for lawn

Specially used in western soils (Arizona, California, etc.)

Efficient source of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium

Provides accurate and balanced absorption of these main nutrients in the lawn

Nitrogen ensures good root development

Product NameSulfur-Based Compound NPK Fertilizer 
Phosphorus Pentoxide>13.5%
Potassium chloride>13.5%
StateGranular fertilizer
Colourwhite,red,yellow,OEM color
Granular size2-5mm
Moisture content<2%
Water Solubility300 g/L(20℃)
Density1.8g/cm3 (20 °C)
Release TypeQuick
Packing50kg/25kg PP Woven Bag
AdvantageCan do special formula fertilizer as you request.
Also can add other nutrition element according to your request

  1. This product is developed with high-quality pure potassium sulfate and advanced production technology, with low water content, strong hardness and round particles It does not agglomerate, is storage-resistant, and dissolves more thoroughly.

  2. Complete nutrients, high purity, long fertilizer efficiency, and balanced supply of nutrients needed for the entire growth cycle of crops.

  3. Improve soil, prevent compaction, and enhance soil permeability.

  4. Improve the quality of agricultural products. It is used for fruits and vegetables with good quality, good coloring and storage resistance. It is the preferred fertilizer for fruits and vegetables. Applicable crops: economic crops such as vegetables, fruits, fruit trees, tea trees, etc.

Usage: It can be used as base fertilizer and top dressing. The specific dosage is adjusted according to crop yield, soil fertility and the guidance of local agricultural technology department

Attention: Store in a cool and dry place, protected from sun, rain and moisture. Pay attention to seed fertilizer isolation when fertilizing.

NOTypeFormularTotal Quantity of Elements
1   Balance  15-15-1545
7High K 15-5-2646
8 12-5-2643
9 15-5-3050
10 16-8-2246
11 15/8/2043
12 15/9/2044
16  High N         26-10-1551
17 24-6-1040
18 22-8-1545
19 22-9-940
20 20-8-1240
21 22-6-1240
22 25-10-1641
23 22-11-1245

24 18-10-1745
26V Shape 18-12-1848
AdvantageCan do special formula as you request.
Also can add other nutrition element according to your request

Our main markets: India, the United States, Turkey, Pakistan, Egypt, South Korea, Canada, Britain, Brazil, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Spain, Colombia, Bangladesh, Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, ect.

faq of 15-15-15 fertilizer

About Compound fertilizer

(1) Compound fertilizer fertilizer 15 15 15 has long fertilizer effect and is suitable for base fertilizer. A large number of experiments have shown that the base application is better for both binary and ternary compound fertilizers. This is because compound fertilizers contain various nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. The early crops are especially sensitive to phosphorus and potassium, and phosphorus and potassium fertilizers are required to be used as base fertilizers and applied early. Controlled-release compound fertilizer adopts coating, granulation and other processes in the production process. The fertilizer effect is slow and stable, and the decomposition is slower than simple chemical fertilizer, the nutrient leaching loss is less, the utilization rate is high, and it is suitable for base fertilizer. Generally, the dosage per mu (667 square meters) is 30-40 kg. Compound fertilizer should not be used in seedling stage fertilizer and middle and late stage fertilizer to prevent greed and youthful growth. Compound fertilizers decompose slowly. For crops that use compound fertilizers as base fertilizers when planting, it is necessary to add quick-acting nitrogen fertilizers in time when topdressing according to the fertilizer requirements of different crops to meet the nutritional needs of crops.

    (2) The concentration of compound fertilizer fertilizer 15 15 15 is quite different, so care should be taken to select the appropriate concentration. At present, most compound fertilizers are configured according to the average nutrient status of the soil type in a certain area and the ratio of fertilizer required by crops. There are series of high, medium and low concentration compound fertilizers on the market. Generally, the total nutrients of low concentration are between 25%-30%, the medium concentration is between 30%-40%, and the high concentration is above 40%. Depending on the region, soil, and crops, choose to use economical and efficient compound fertilizers. Generally, high-concentration compound fertilizers are used on economic crops, with good quality, less residue and high utilization rate. The concentration of compound fertilizer is high, so direct contact between seeds and fertilizer should be avoided. Compound fertilizer has a high nutrient content. If it comes into direct contact with seeds or roots of seedlings, it will affect the emergence of seedlings and even burn seedlings and rotten roots. When sowing, the seed should be 5-10 cm away from hole application and strip application of compound fertilizer.

    (3) The compound fertilizer ratio is different in raw materials, so attention should be paid to the use range of nutrient components. Different brands and different concentrations of compound fertilizers use different raw materials, and they must be used in production according to soil types and crop types. Compound fertilizer containing nitrate should not be used in leafy vegetables and paddy fields; compound fertilizer containing ammonium ions should not be used on saline soil; compound fertilizer containing potassium chloride or chloride ions should not be used on chlorine-free crops; containing sulfuric acid Potassium compound fertilizer should not be applied in paddy fields and acidic soils. Otherwise, it will reduce fertilizer efficiency and even poison crops. Compound fertilizer contains two or more large elements, nitrogen surface application is easy to volatilize loss or rainwater loss, phosphorus and potassium are easy to be fixed by soil, especially phosphorus has low mobility in soil, and it is not easy to be absorbed and utilized by crop roots when applied to the surface. It is also not conducive to deep rooting. In drought conditions, the fertilizer cannot be dissolved and the fertilizer efficiency is worse. Therefore, the compound fertilizer should be applied deeply and covered with the soil.

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